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Embark on an unforgettable experience with us at Wave Cutter Charters in Pensacola Beach, FL. We aim to provide you with a memorable time on the water. With our Fishing trips and Dolphin cruises you can take home not only your prized catch but also incredible stories.


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We offer various charter options. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned fishing enthusiast looking for that trophy catch. Or you're looking to kick up you heels and have some fun on a dolphin cruise. We have a charter for you.

Wave Cutter

What Sets Us Apart

We offer our clients a luxurious experience through an unparalleled level of professional management. Everyone gets to enjoy in a high-end boat with a unique style. Our crew always makes sure our boat is clean and safe for your trips. We also provide electric reels that make fishing more accessible and convenient for the family.

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Book your trip for Wave Cutter Fishing or the Happy Hour Dolphin cruise today and see what FUN await you and your family. You may also contact us for any inquiries.

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