Welcome to Wave Cutter Charters. We're so excited you've found us and you're here checking out everything we have to offer. We're a charter company based out of Pensacola Beach, Florida. We specialize in inshore, offshore and overnight fishing charters, and dolphin cruises.

We live and work in paradise, and you won't see us complaining about it. In fact, we want to share our love of the water, fishing and marine life with you. This is why we do what we do each and every day.


Captain Joseph Weaver has had a love of the water all his life. He feels extremely blessed to be able to make his living doing what he loves. He has been fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for more than eight years now, and he looks forward to it every morning. The best part of being the Captain of Wave Cutter Charters is every day is a new and interesting experience, with no two being the same.

From shallow to deep water, Captain Joe has experience navigating on charter, commercial, and tournament boats. However, if you were to ask him he'd tell you he prefers overnight fishing offshore because you never know what’s going to come up.

Captain Joe looks forward to meeting fishermen of all varieties, from the beginners to the most experienced. He enjoys taking out anglers who love to get out on the water as much as he does and are always looking for their next fishing adventure. There’s nothing he enjoys more than seeing someone get as excited as he does when they catch the "big one". Reach out to Captain Weaver and the Wave Cutter Charters crew and set up your own fishing charter with your family, friends or colleagues. We guarantee it will be a fishing trip you'll always remember.

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We at Wave Cutter Charters take pride in our top-notch boat. The Wave Cutter is a solid fiberglass vessel that has all the strength of a commercial fishing boat and all the amenities of a luxury sports fisher. When it comes to our beautiful boat there isn't one like her.

The galley is air-conditioned and heated for you to enjoy when you need to cool down or warm up. It's a perfect spot to watch your shows while relaxing on one of the two reclining La-Z-Boy couches. Don’t get too comfortable, though, or you’ll miss all the action out on the spacious fishing deck.

You can keep your snacks and drinks cold in the refrigerators until you’re ready for them. In need of a shower after a long day fishing? We have a full bathroom with a shower and a separate half bath. For overnight trips, we can prepare dinner through the convection oven, or we can grill on the Big Green Egg.

Find the complete list of amenities on board the Wave Cutter below:


2 Heads - Toilets
1 Shower
2 Refrigerators
1 Convection Oven
1 TV and Blu-ray Player
2 La-Z-Boy Reclining Leather Sofas
4 AC/Heating Units


If you're looking for a FUN boat have we got a treat for you! The Happy Hour Dolphin Cruise boat is a 40 ft by 12ft Coast Guard inspected vessel that is ready to take you out into Pensacola Bay in search of dolphins, sights and marine life.

Besides being a super fun boat, one of the best things about the Happy Hour is that it has adequate shade over the entire vessel so you'll be comfortable despite the Pensacola Beach sun and heat. It's also open aired on all sides so you'll enjoy the breeze as you ride across the waves, which is especially nice at the beach.

There is also a flushable restroom aboard for your convenience. We wouldn't be the Happy Hour without a rocking sound system with some awesome playlists for your listening pleasure. There is plenty of room for seating and dancing so get ready to have the time of your life. if you're looking for fun on the water this is your ride.

Dolphin cruises on Pensacola Beach

***** Mate works for tips, 20% gratuity is customary. *****

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