Adventure awaits you with Wave Cutter Charters. It's simply up to you to decide which adventure you want to take.

Wave Cutter Charters offers several different, and equally fantastic, fishing, boating and dolphin watching adventures.

For those looking for fishing expeditions check out our inshore, offshore and overnight fishing charter trips. We offer multiple durations so you can truly tailor your fishing trip. If you're looking to see the Pensacola Beach scenery and playful dolphins then our Dolphin Cruise aboard the Happy Hour might be more your style. We offer 2 and 3 hour dolphin cruises where you can sit back, relax and have a great time.

The hardest part for you will be deciding which adventure you want to to take first!


Wave Cutter Charters inshore fishing trips are perfect for everyone.

If you're a beginner to the fishing world, an inshore fishing trip is an amazing place to start. If you're an avid angler you can enjoy relaxing on the boat while waiting for the fish to bite.

We typically fish within a mile or two from the Gulf shore, in waters that range from a few inches to between fifteen and twenty feet.

You'll can expect to catch a variety of fish including redfish, black drum, trout, flounder, sheepshead, sharks and even red snapper and groupers depending on the time of season you decide to take your trip.

Wave Cutter Charters on Pensacola Beach Fl
Offshore Fishing with Wave Cutter Charters


If you want a tad bit more adventure than an inshore trip, we recommend you take our customized offshore trip. Going beyond nine miles off the coast and into the open sea allows you to catch a variety of reef fish as well as pelagic fish.

On our offshore trips we will be targeting all species of reef fish and what you'll catch will depend on what’s currently in season. Some fish you're bound to catch are red snapper, mingos, grouper, tile, and trigger. We'll also troll between bottom spots looking for wahoo, mahi-mahi and other pelagic species of fish.

Don't have the equipment? Don't worry. Wave Cutter Charters has everything you need to have the fishing trip of your dreams. We provide you with standard bottom and trolling tackles, electric reels for deep dropping, and even the big gold reels for marlin tournaments.


If you're looking for a unique and customizable fishing charter look no further than our overnight fishing trips.

An overnight fishing charter gives you plenty of time to enjoy being out on the water, catching a variety of different fish at your leisure, while taking in the gorgeous scenery around you.

You've never had an experience quite like this one.

Fishing Trips with Wave Cutter Charters Pensacola Beach
Wave Cutter Charters 2 Hour Dolphin Cruise


Ready to see some dolphins? Jump on the Happy Hour for the ultimate in dolphin cruises. Our 2 hour dolphin cruise is a fun and quick trip adventure to see dolphins. We have several options available aboard the Happy Hour to choose from.

On our dolphin cruises you will listen to music, have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery Pensacola has to offer. We will cruise through Pensacola Bay and out to the Pensacola pass. We regularly see dolphin and other marine life while cruising along. We also pass by the light house, Fort Pickens and the Pensacola Navy Base.

There is also a restroom onboard.

**Private cruises also available



Love dolphins and 2 hours just won't do it for you? Jump on the Happy Hour for our 3 hour Blue Angels cruise with a beach stop.

On the 3 hour Blue Angels cruise we'll still listen to all the music, have fun and enjoy the waters of Pensacola Bay, but we'll also see the Blue Angels as they fly overhead.

We then park at Sand Island, where you'll get a chance to put your feet in the sand and relax off the boat. In addition to the Blue Angels and dolphin sightings, we also pass by the Pensacola light house, Fort Pickens, National Seashore and the Pensacola Navy Base. Get your cameras ready!

There is also a restroom onboard.

**Private cruises also available

3 Hour Blue Angels Dolphin Cruise

***** Mate works for tips, 20% gratuity is customary. *****

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